Sunday, 14 June 2015

Big Brothers VII

With the lead squadron of the second half of 3e régiment de cuirassiers complete, there leaves only four miniatures left to paint before I have two full regiments ready for action or four medium sized units in Black Powder terms.

I’m in UK next week with only a few days left before heading to Istanbul for a conference and thence to Slovenia on holiday. So those last four are unlikely to be finished until I’m back in mid-July. Still, I've made a start, so we'll see how far I get. Then it’s on with the second horse artillery battery and limbers for both batteries, as well as the divisional commander.


  1. Dynamic and splendid, 'Chargez!!'...

  2. They are little beauties - have a great trip to Istanbul. I think you can allow yourself a wee cup of Turkish coffee (amazing by the way) and a Baklava after being so productive!

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    1. Last four are nearly finished, but as I'm off to Istanbul tomorrow, they'll probably sit on the shelf for a while :-)