Monday, 1 June 2015

Big Brothers VI

The delay was to allow me to finish off two squadrons this month and bring you the first half of:

3e Régiment de Cuirassiers

In May 1635, Timoléon de Sercourt d’Esclainvilliers' company of light horse was integrated into Cardinal Duc régiment, fighting as part of that unit at the Battle of Rocroi (1643). 

Around the same time the unit was retitled régiment d'Esclainvilliers and then, c.1656, régiment Commissaire général cavalerie. After nearly half a century of service – mostly in Flanders – the regiment became 3e régiment de cavalerie in 179, fighting at Valmy and Marengo, before becoming 3e régiment de cuirassiers c.1802.

The 3e régiment de cuirassiers fought at Austerlitz, Jena, Eylau, Friedland, Eckmühl, Essling, Wagram, as well as sending a detachment to Spain. Along side 1r and 2e cuirassiers this detachment formed the1r regiment provisoire de grosse cavalerie, which eventually became the 13e régiment de cuirassiers.

For the invasion of Russia, Col Charles Eugène Lalaing d’Audenarde commanded the regiment under Général de brigade Bertrand Bessieres as part of 1r divsione de grosse cavalerie.

Serving France through the Franco-Prussian, First and Second World Wars, as well as in Algeria, the regiment was finally disbanded in 1998 as part of the general reorganization of the French Army that followed the end of conscription.

In 1812, they were dressed in traditional Cuirassier garb, with red collars pipped blue, blue cuffs pipped red, red cuff flaps, and red turnbacks.

So, aside from collar colour, the easy way to distinguish these boys from 2e régiment de cuirassiers is in the colour of the musicians' sheepskins, which are the more traditional black.


  1. What a prominent unit history, not many regiments can boast such a list of decisive battles on their colors! I'm particularly impressed by the paintjob on the bugler's grey horse. You really nailed that spotted look, which is rather difficult to get right!

    1. Thank you. I think that a slightly impressionistic approach pays dividends in this scale. The grey is actually based on a charming nine year-old gelding who lives in the box across from our own.

  2. Great work, really like what you have done here.
    I really ought to dig my Napoleonics out bust am still looking for a rules set that I fancy playing, Black Powder is leaving me cold.

    1. Cheers, Paul. Sorry to miss your WW1 demo

  3. Beautifully painted cuirassiers, Stephen!

  4. battle of Rocroi, not Rocroi ;-)
    great update for the readers, great progress for your project!

  5. Very impressive looking "Big Boys"!

  6. Those are beautifully painted. The grey is superb - one of the best I've seen in 25mm.

    Best wishes


  7. Excellent paintjob, they look great, dynamic and impressive!