Monday, 25 March 2013

Fortuitous Accidents

Somehow the long-haired general managed to knock a partially painted Forge Limited edition figure off the painting tray and onto the floor, causing certain bits to break off last weekend. These were then immediately consumed by the dog (who seems unbothered after eating resin)!

The backpack was easy enough to replace, the hammer and shield, however....

So with a new hammer en route, as well as the bits to craft a Volkite Serpenta pistol, looks like I'll shortly have Marshal Durak Rask ready for action:

Saturday, 23 March 2013

First Twenty Death Guard

The first 20 strong Tactical Squad with CCW (marked by the bayonets etc.) in Mk II armour is nearly there. Just a little more weathering on their right pauldrons and then off for varnishing:

As you can see, I went with red for the Sergeant's helmet crest after all, but he is now good to go:

I plan to do a spare sergeant to give me the option of running them as two ten man veteran squads.

Next on the conveyor belt is a 10 man Heavy Support Squad in MkIII armour and some Termies...

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Grimbold and more Death Guard

Here's the big man himself with standard bearer and horn blower:

They're facing their first outing today, so I expect to be packing them away early!

Also fresh of the production line, nine more Death Guard. I've put some rusting barbed wire on the bases this time, but might add a touch of silver here and there to help them stand out more:

The right hand pauldrons have been varnished gloss ready to receive transfers later this weekend :-)

Thursday, 7 March 2013


Just need to finish the command team to have this unit ready for action against Saruman's horde on Saturday. That wont be a drama. Of more concern is whether Erkenbrand turns up in the post in time!

Anyway, here's the rank and file.

Arrows are courtesy of the Perry WotR box set, As mentioned, the command team should be ready by tomorrow. So group shot to follow :-)