Monday, 29 April 2013

Wash Day

Next twenty Death Guard Tactical marines base painted, assembled and ready for receive some washes.

Yes, there are two vexilla in there. In truth the first twenty were actually the first two halves of separate squads with subtle differences in the decals. These, then, will make up the second half to each twenty man Tactical squad.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Who let the dogs out etc. ;-)

As the next pack of Horus Heresy era marines for the Elva, Vlka Fenryka aka The Rout have reached the painting tray and, following requests from the cheap seats, here is the force to date. The only thing missing is the Fenrisian Wolves as the old goblin mounts are being replaced by nice new GW versions. Apologies to Nordic friends for what are clearly Nordic inspired rather than real titles ;-)

Lempogärd, Fenris Hunters

Ukkogärd, Fenris Hunters

Mielikkigärd, Fenris Hunters

Førgärd, Wolf Scouts

Etsiägärd, Wolf Scouts

Förloraderne, Wulfen

Surma Tuonelasta, Rune Priest

Äijö Pitkänen, Rune Priest

Even Halvfist, Contemptor Dreadnought

Jarl Durfast Spiritwolf, lord of the Elva

Ageir Skarpeklo, Wolf Guard of Fenris, vaerangi of Durfast Spiritwolf

 Vaerangir of the Elva

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Marshal Durak Rask, Siegemaster of the Death Guard Legion

As per the Fortuitous Accidents post, the FW Games Day 'special' received some dog love, which required a little additional work.

The result is Durak Rask, Siegemaster of the Death Guard Legion:

I think the new Thunder Hammer is much more '30K' than the original. The Volkite Serpenta pistol was produced by cutting down a Caliver. I'm sure that FW will produce a proper one in due course, but I think this looks okay.

Of course, this now means a proper FW version of the good siegemaster will appear shortly ;-)

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Death Guard Apothecary

I really enjoyed doing this model. I tried to keep the base coat close to white with grey chipping rather than the my usual scuffed off-white look.

Mk 2 armour and lots of detail - what's not to like!

I may do another one in Mk 2 with a powersword in due course ...

Sunday, 14 April 2013

more Death Guard heavies...

Next five Heavy Support/Havocs:

and all ten together:

They'll be a couple of characters to come over the next few days, and then it's on to the next batch of twenty Tactical marines. Got to keep going or I'll run out of steam!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

He ain't heavy... with Death Guard recipe!

First of 10 autocannon armed Heavy Support troopers:

I changed the helmet crest for the Mk II version as I'm saving the fore and aft crests in red for captains (see last post). Besides I think it looks cool!

Here's the rest of the squad so far:

The next 5 are base coated and awaiting final assembly. So shouldn't be too long...

A few have asked for the recipe. So here it is:

The base coat is Rakarth Flesh and Castellan Green with Army Painter Weapon Bronze for the metal bits. This then gets a wash of Agrax Earthshade with a little watered down Reikland Fleshshade in places. I also use some Nuln Oil on the metal bits of the shoulder pads and the collar. Make sure you get into all the nooks and crannies with the first coat of Rakarth, as the washes will run off any bare resin. I suggest doing the base coat on the sprue and touching it up once you've assembled the figure.

Next I dapple on the Rakarth Flesh again with smaller dapples in White Scar.

The white metal is just Ironbreaker washed and touched up again and the bolter is Mechanicus Standard Grey with a Nuln Oil Wash.

The bases are just blank painted sand, dry brushed with Mournfang, then Baneblade and then Rakarth.