Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Big Brothers XV

At last, rounds complete on my 2015 project: 1st Heavy Cavalry Division c.1812.

Three, single regiment brigades of cuirassiers, with supporting horse artillery and light horse lancers.

All the figures are 28mm metals from Perry Miniatures with flags by GMB.

The odd unit and even two brigades have seen some action, but I hope to have the whole division in play in February, after our move to Odense.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

1er regiment de chevau-legers lanciers

1er régiment de chevau-legers lanciers were formed by Imperial decree on 18 June 1811 from 1er régiment de dragons, then stationed in Iberia. It joined five other dragoon regiments that converted to lancers, along with two existing lancer regiments from the Vistula Legion and 30e régiment de chasseurs á cheval (formerly the Hamburg Dragoons).

The regiment joined 9e régiment de cuirassiers to form the 3rd brigade of the 1er division de cuirassiers de 1er corps de cavalerie de la grande armée, providing the division with a well-needed reconnaissance capability for the invasion of Russia.

Information is mixed on the strength of the unit in Russia with only a squadron or even company being listed in some sources at Borodino. However, it seems that the full regiment of three squadrons had successfully converted to its new role prior to the campaign, but it is possible that, having been instructed to leave their existing mounts in Iberia, the replacements were not all battle ready in time. 

To this end, I have stuck with my original plan to portray them as a small unit, but I do have another twelve ready for undercoating in case I ever get around to doing the whole lot.