Sunday, 19 July 2015

Big Brother VIII

Apologies for the month lull, but fresh back from my hols, I finished off the last touches to the fourth and final squadron of 3rd Cuirassiers.

Again, I've gone for colouring to suggest a younger mount for the trumpeter of the second line squadron - inspired by my week in Lipica Stud Farm.

Here is the second half of 3rd Cuirassiers ranked up:

I'll pop up some photos of the full regiment in the week and, once the Divisional commander is painted, the first two brigades.


  1. Looking forward to the photos of the complete regiment, its quite a collection you managed to stamp out here. Lipica Stud Farm - what have you been up to??

    1. A fantastic opportunity to ride Lipizzaners at the original stud farm