Monday, 23 March 2015

Big Brothers III

Onto the next squadron of the 2nd Cuirassiers:

I think more detail survived this time due to a lighter (in thickness) undercoat. As usual, I dry brushed dark brown over the undercoat to help lift the detail for later painting, as well as provide another level of shading.

As I messed up last time and had to convert two figures to the 3rd Cuirassiers, I took the chance to squeeze in the replacements this month.

So, I'm two figures ahead, which is always useful in a larger project. 

As an aside, a grey gelding has just moved into our corridor at the stables, which has prompted me to consider a more dappled mount for the next trumpeter.


  1. Very nice. Good to see you back on the Napoleonics. Mine are long neglected.

  2. Excellent Cuirassiers, Stephen. Nice basing too.