Saturday, 14 April 2012


Now, some of you may have been aware that I stupidly volunteered to be diverted from western medieval goodness to some blokes in flouncy shirts with banana swords - c.1600 to make things worse.

In support of James' annual Oshiro demonstration game at Salute, I've been putting together a Honda force from Perry sculpts - who else ;-)

The original plan of 80 Ashigari (four units of 20), 20 dismounted Samurai, 12 mounted Samurai, a command stand and various casualties, has dwindled through work commitments etc. (and the odd distraction onto proper medieval loveliness) to 60 Ashigari (three units of 20), 16 dismounted Samurai and a command stand (although the final stand of four sammies might still make it off the painting tray in time!)

So I'm down to finsihing the last few minis and the command stand (a conversion of the Perry Tadakatsu sculpt to put him on a horse on a base with his standard bearer) - all looking good to be finished tomorrow. All the rest are mounted on their bases with sand in place ready for an ink wash and some static grass before varnishing.

But no photos until after Salute - booo, hiss!

I know, totally unfair, but I need to use every last minute to finish painting, basing and varnishing the damn things before flying off to UK on Tuesday. Besides, they'll look so much nicer on James' beautiful terrain then on my desk.

So - watch this space for some photos a week Monday...


  1. Nice story Stephen, but if their isn´t any photos it ain´t happen;)

    Looking forward to see this IRL

    Best regards dalauppror

  2. Small world! Didn't know you and James knew each other!

    Cracking looking game!

    1. We used to be in the same club and Malemute lived just down the road - my claims to fame lol