Sunday, 26 February 2012

Gilbert de Umfraville's scurriers - in a oner!

A small unit of nine light horse with full command. Given that my army is based on the Advance Guard from the march to Calais in 1415, I went for Gilbert de Umfraville's livery (to match a unit of dismounted archers under the good 'earl of Kyme' himself).

One figure type was scupted with a crossbow windless. So that obviously had to go and has been replaced by a longbow - well some brass rod wrapped in paper. Gilbert is listed as having 20 men-at-arms and 90 horsed archers at the start of the campaign. Now arguably this definition was possibly driven by how much they were paid and, as no mounted scouts are listed, I think it's reasonable to argue that some of those mounted archers were actually hobilars or scurriers - especially given some of the Umfraville family estates were up on the Scots borders.

These may well also be facing some of the lovely new Claymore Castings' Scots in due course  ;)

The buildings in the background are from the Grand Manner Dark Ages range, but are fine for rural France c. 1415.


  1. Great stuff Stephen! I'm just looking into the English heraldry and just as a pure coincidence I'm looking at the Umfraville's. I'll keep watching your blog.


  2. Lovely!!! Scurriers, The one element that I´ve found impossible to re-create in 1/72nd.

  3. Thank Paul.

    David, I've seem two versions of the flag and the variation was in the number of the background crosses (to avoid the technical jargon!). I used the other version on the foot archer unit as the flag was bigger. I couldn't find any detail on his livery. So went with the colours of his heraldry, but wish in retrospect I'd done it in reverse so that the cross of St George showed up better.

    Thanks for confirming my pre-order on the Scots foot, but don't you dare release a beautiful printed flags for Gilbert now I've been to all the effort of hand painting them ;-)

  4. Very good looking unit Stephen !

    Best regards Dalauppror

  5. They look absolutely great!!