Monday, 30 April 2012

archers 2!

Finished despite an attempt by some nasty bug to bed me down for the last couple of days:

Along with Gilbert de Umfraville, Sir John Cornwall KG (aka Cornewaille, Cornwayl and Cornouayl) was one of the veteran commanders Henry V trusted with his advance guard and was also one of the most respected chivalric figures of his era. He served King Richard II in Scotland, fought for the Duke of Lancaster in Brittany, as well as for King Henry IV against Owain Glyndŵr during the Welsh Uprising. Henry IV made Sir John Cornewaille a Knight of the Garter in 1409. At the battle of Agincourt, Sir John captured Ghillebert de Lannoy, and Louis de Bourbon, Count of Vendôme, whom he ransomed for large sums for money.

Sir Thomas Wenlock was the only knight to be listed on Sir John's indenture for the 1415 campaign and here he is seen leading his lord's archers. Sir Thomas was a long term member of Sir John's military household and can also be found in the indenture for the 1421 campaign

and ouch, just noticed that I got some of his lip colour on the gorget - since sorted  ;)

Thursday, 26 April 2012


Task 2 on the Guild group build is a unit of 16 seasoned archers to join Sir John Cornwall's retinue. The deadline is Monday evening - plenty of time [ahem].

All under the dutiful eye of Sir John's trusted subordinate, Sir Thomas Wenlock - now where's hie heraldry gone. I know it's around here somewhere...

Monday, 23 April 2012

The Evidence...

Looking a little battered curtusy of the baggage handlers at London (yeah right!) Stansted and on James Sharpe's gorgeous terrain, we have the Honda clan:

Based for either WAB or Hail Caesar each unit was meant to have five bases of four. The clear plastic movement trays are also by James - and available here:

However, as can be seen, the last four dismounted Samurai weren't not quite ready in time:

and from the front. On reflection, the red on yellow sashimono is a little distracting. So I will tone it down a bit in due course.

Ashigaru with yari (another of these to finish off):

Ashigari with bow:

with arquebus:

back of the clan leader - Honda Tadakatsu with standard bearer:

Close up:

and the opposition - from James' collection:

and twelve mounted Samurai to go...

Saturday, 14 April 2012


Now, some of you may have been aware that I stupidly volunteered to be diverted from western medieval goodness to some blokes in flouncy shirts with banana swords - c.1600 to make things worse.

In support of James' annual Oshiro demonstration game at Salute, I've been putting together a Honda force from Perry sculpts - who else ;-)

The original plan of 80 Ashigari (four units of 20), 20 dismounted Samurai, 12 mounted Samurai, a command stand and various casualties, has dwindled through work commitments etc. (and the odd distraction onto proper medieval loveliness) to 60 Ashigari (three units of 20), 16 dismounted Samurai and a command stand (although the final stand of four sammies might still make it off the painting tray in time!)

So I'm down to finsihing the last few minis and the command stand (a conversion of the Perry Tadakatsu sculpt to put him on a horse on a base with his standard bearer) - all looking good to be finished tomorrow. All the rest are mounted on their bases with sand in place ready for an ink wash and some static grass before varnishing.

But no photos until after Salute - booo, hiss!

I know, totally unfair, but I need to use every last minute to finish painting, basing and varnishing the damn things before flying off to UK on Tuesday. Besides, they'll look so much nicer on James' beautiful terrain then on my desk.

So - watch this space for some photos a week Monday...