Monday, 23 April 2012

The Evidence...

Looking a little battered curtusy of the baggage handlers at London (yeah right!) Stansted and on James Sharpe's gorgeous terrain, we have the Honda clan:

Based for either WAB or Hail Caesar each unit was meant to have five bases of four. The clear plastic movement trays are also by James - and available here:

However, as can be seen, the last four dismounted Samurai weren't not quite ready in time:

and from the front. On reflection, the red on yellow sashimono is a little distracting. So I will tone it down a bit in due course.

Ashigaru with yari (another of these to finish off):

Ashigari with bow:

with arquebus:

back of the clan leader - Honda Tadakatsu with standard bearer:

Close up:

and the opposition - from James' collection:

and twelve mounted Samurai to go...


  1. G0od to see they was for real;)

    Lovely minis Stephen!!! and stunning terrain !

    Best regards Michael

  2. What beautiful figures and gorgeous terrain. This is what I find inspiring. Thank you for posting the pics up.

  3. Bloody excellent! That James lad's not too bad when it comes to modelling ;O)

    What a day I missed!! :O(


    1. Maybe he should take it up for a living ;-)

  4. This is Correus from the WG forum.

    Absolutely stunning!!

    Are those Perry Samurai?

    I love the hill in the background - is that the one with a little temple type structure at the top and a rustic Tori at the base?

    1. Hi Larry,

      Yes, these are all Perry and Jim's hill is the one you describe - he's been churning out some even lovelier stuff recently, but no idea how he intends to surpass this next year.

      Thanks for the kind words.