Thursday, 4 February 2016

Skirmishing Jägers

The last of the figures I completed in Aarhus before to moving to Odense were some skirmish stands.

These are based on Foundry's firing line in forage caps, but with the odd head swap and the grenades filed off the ammo pouches. Unlike that of line battalions, jäger webbing was black, including the sling, and the have green trousers to match their coats. Facing are also green, discretely piped in red with a line red strip down the outside of their trousers - as per this image:

They are painted up to represent the 8th and 9th companies (i.e. 3rd battalion) of 20th Jägers in winter dress and their sister skirmishing companies from the 1st battalion will be following the next line battalion. So their pompoms are red with a yellow centre and forage caps have blue piping on the crown.

As the senior of the two jäger regiment, they sport yellow epaulettes.

If better organised, I'd have got a gold pen to write the unit number on the rear of the pouch. Instead, I had to do it with a brush - so some are better than others.


  1. Splendid Jägers, well done!

  2. Stephen, I love'em! Good choice using a mix of hats. Will we see you at the DFFcon in Copenhagen???

  3. Cheers guys, and I'm planning on a day trip to DFFCON :-)