Wednesday, 20 January 2016

3rd Battalion, The Reval Infantry Regiment

As many will be aware, by 1812 Russian Infantry Regiments consisted of three battalions: two field battalions (1st and 3rd) and a depot battalion (2nd). The elite companies from a division's various 2nd battalions were sometimes also mobilised to form composite grenadier battalions. In the case of the 3rd Infantry Division, these served with the division, but more on that another day.

Next up is the 3rd battalion of the Reval Regiment, sometimes referred to as the 2nd field battalion.

Unlike 1st battalions, 3rd battalions carried two 'coloured' flags. The other main distinctions were the colouring of the shako pompoms, sword knots, and banding on field caps. The latter had white bands on the crown in 1st battalions, but sky blue in the 3rd. I'll save pompoms and sword knots for a later post.

Although I've been sticking with Black Powder of late, these are based according to Peter Gilder's Grand Manner Rules, which would also allow them to be used in General de Brigade etc. As you can see, the four companies each consist of eight figures, but the two platoons of the elite company have been based separately to allow them to form up on either flank when in line. This also allows the command company to sit squarely in the centre when in column.

Whilst I painted the first and elite companies, the second and third companies were beautifully painted by Steve Hall of Hallmark Figure Painting

Finally, a rear shot of the first and elite companies:


  1. Really nice job on the fist and elite coys. Like the eye work from what I could see. Always tricky. It's going to be a great looking army.

  2. I second the above, really good work on their faces!

  3. Beautiful looking regiment! And eyes!!

  4. Looks very good! I am already falling behind you!