Monday, 27 July 2015

For Mother Russia II

I managed to squeeze the other half of the elite company I started in May for next year's big project - Russian 3rd Division c.1812:

They are painted to represent the elite company of 1st battalion, Reval (Tallinn) regiment. The other companies will all be on eight figure bases, but as the two halves of the elite company deploy at either ends of a line, I chose to split them into two, four figure bases. 

28mm figures by Foundry Miniatures, which although expensive when purchased in small numbers, become very competitive when the bulk discounts are factored in.

Next up for this unit will be the 1st company, which is the command stand.


  1. I LOVE these Foundry sculpts, some of their absolute best. The impressive and simultaneously scary thing about Foundry, is that moment when you've built a collection, and start adding together the cost of the metal on the table in front of you - and you stop counting after you've reached the price of a used car. Good choice on the deep green color of the uniforms. More!!!

    1. Buying in bulk meant they came in at around the same price as the Perry twins, but postage was free!

  2. A lovely start to your Russians!