Sunday, 15 December 2013

Legio Mortis IV

Onto the torso.

Clean-up was fairly simple.

 There's a hefty tab to cut off the rear side of the 'shoulders', but it's covered by the grills. So there's no need to spend too much time cleaning it up:

Onto the pinning. Unlike the toes and leg joints, which are there to help support the weight of the beast, pinning of the torso is designed to help to glue hold anything together. So I didn't get too carried away:

Note the tiny holes drilled into the top of the shoulders to fix the void shield 'emitters' in place with narrow gauge brass rod. These look like the sort of part that might otherwise get knocked off 

 You can get away with drilling through the back piece and into the block either side of the shoulders. As it will be covered by the rear sockets (see final picture):

Next week we'll sort out the arms. I've yet to order the magnets for the weapons, but given the effect of long barrels on balance, I'll need to have them in place before fixing the final pose, glueing the feet and legs in position etc.

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