Monday, 25 March 2013

Fortuitous Accidents

Somehow the long-haired general managed to knock a partially painted Forge Limited edition figure off the painting tray and onto the floor, causing certain bits to break off last weekend. These were then immediately consumed by the dog (who seems unbothered after eating resin)!

The backpack was easy enough to replace, the hammer and shield, however....

So with a new hammer en route, as well as the bits to craft a Volkite Serpenta pistol, looks like I'll shortly have Marshal Durak Rask ready for action:


  1. AHHH ! ;)

    Remember to look your hobby room Stephen !

    I suppouse the dog newer will be able to digest the resin so if you keep it under observation you might get your resin part back in a day or so...

    1. I found a part chewed hammer, but nothing of use :-)

  2. Haha! Did you remember to give the loving duo the proper thanks and hugs then?

  3. Nice, I like the pose, similar to a grey knight stance