Saturday, 23 March 2013

First Twenty Death Guard

The first 20 strong Tactical Squad with CCW (marked by the bayonets etc.) in Mk II armour is nearly there. Just a little more weathering on their right pauldrons and then off for varnishing:

As you can see, I went with red for the Sergeant's helmet crest after all, but he is now good to go:

I plan to do a spare sergeant to give me the option of running them as two ten man veteran squads.

Next on the conveyor belt is a 10 man Heavy Support Squad in MkIII armour and some Termies...


  1. Very cool Stephen !

    Best regards Michael

  2. Yeah mate!

    Dirty work! I mean in a good way!

  3. very nice paintjob, I really like what Forgeworld are producing these days.


    1. Some of them need a little more cleaning up than is ideal, especially as the flash/casting joins sometimes coincides with fine detail. But I am also a fan :-)