Saturday, 19 January 2013


So, whilst I try to find things to do rather than actually draft an article on Philip, bishop of Beauvaix, I thought I might just lay out my plans for this year.

1. Finish the Musketeer Romano-Brits for Dux. Now this might seem like cheating as their are only two characters to crack once I finished off the last of the warriors on my painting tray, but reinforcements are on their way!

2. A Rohirrim force for LotR, 500 points planned so far.

3. 20mm Polish Naval Infantry Brigade (minus) for a Cold War Gone Hot scenario c. 1985.

4. Finish off the 28mm 1415 Valois French (only a couple of units to crack there).

5. Finish off my 28mm Honda Sammy army (again a couple of units).

6. Ongoing Fallschirmjäger project (only aiming at 3-4 figures a month).

Now that just leaves the stockpile of Perry WotR and Crusaders, as well as the lovely Claymore Scots unaccounted for (Oh and a 20mm British Motor Bn, three medieval Kogges and...)


  1. Plans! Bwahaha!

    I won't go down that path. That way lies damnation!

    Oh and death to that goddamn number and nonsense spam protection thing! ;-D

  2. It's to keep undesirables out.

    Not sure how you keep getting past it ;-)

  3. Good luck Stephen !!! ;)

    Best regards Michael

  4. Stephen
    You could go with the 1415 French? - keep me company with my 1420s !! :-)

    1. It's a plan. The 1415 lot are coming along okay, just a few men-at-arms, a unit of light horse and a big block of dismounted men-at-arms to crack - plus the odd character.

      I've also got quite a few Pavisiers in blisters somewhere, as well as some handgunners. Then there's the Claymore Scots allies...

      and so it goes ;-)

    2. I've gone with the French for my 2013 Project Build on the Guild :-)