Thursday, 17 January 2013

Next and somewhat ignoble character for Dux and some LotR

So with the last 12 Warriors at various stages of completion. Here's another character, short and wiry, cruel, lustful and a noble-born exile (hence the pink trousers!):

and some recent LotR pieces for my Mordor army:

I have Gothmog close to completion, some Uruk-hai to finish off and then some Warg Riders and 6 more Uruk-hai to make-up. However, the Rohirrim are calling me ;-)


  1. Splendifico!

    I must get the rohirrim to you fast so you can be the good guys and I can re enter my comfort zone.

    1. Orcs aren't bad, they are just misunderstood ;-)

  2. Looking realy good Stephen !

    best regards Michael