Thursday, 5 May 2011

Cold turkey

School boy error no. 1 - not taking a piccy of nice shiny HYW men-at-arms before leaving  home and e-mailing them in for the LPL round 9.

School boy error no. 2 - leaving painting tray in Blighty during first phase of move to Denmark because 'it was only for a week and herself had priority in any space in the car as she was staying here'. So, in addition to withdrawal symptoms, now have only two nights to finish off round 10's entry.

School boy error no. 3 - there is no number three (apologies to Monty Python).

School boy error no. 4 - bringing so many wargames magazines with me that I can successfully procrastinate during the time I should be working on my dissertation.

School boy error no. 5 - oh and start a blog to provide even more options for procrastination.

School boy error no. 6 - and then there is t'internet in general.

School boy error no. 7 - and several wargames forums in particular...


  1. Time for a spot of smuggling the old paints accross the water matey :O)

    Hang on in there that man!