Thursday, 28 April 2016

True Scale Napoleonic Hussars

Regulars here may know that we have a horse, Cosmi, who has been helping me learn to ride over the last few years. Naturally, as someone interested in military history, I've also been working towards mastering mounted skill at arms. Last Saturday saw me at Action Horses near Hull for training with my British Napoleonic reenactment unit - the 15th or Kings Light Dragoons (Hussars).

After scaring some cabbages myself, I dismounted to take a few pictures of the chaps in action, which I thought you might enjoy. It was a training session, so please excuse the odd irregularity in dress and equipment:

Plenty more photos of this marvellous unit can also be found  on Facebook:

We'll be in full rig for a skill at arms display at the Light Dragoons Tricentenary next month. So more photos in due course...


  1. Excellent post and some lovely uniforms. Looks like the participants are all having a great time as well!

  2. That is fantastic! Awesome stuff, man!

  3. Very cool, Stephen! I've never been on a horse - and couldn't imaging being able to ride into battle with one. Awesome stuff and will be sure to check out the Hussar site.

    1. These are trained stunt horses, Dean. I'd not trust my own to cope with the noise and action yet. But we'll get there..