Sunday, 27 March 2016

3rd Battalion, The Murom Infantry Regiment

I'm a little ahead of schedule with the lead companies of 3rd Battalion, The Murom Infantry Regiment.

Details are virtually identical to those of 3rd Battalion, The Reval Infantry Regiment less the epaulettes, which in the case of Murom Regiment were white.

In terms of the elite company, that means red over yellow pompoms for the grenadiers and yellow over red pompoms for the sharpshooter platoon.

The sword knots of third battalions are distinguished by a red central band, edged red in the case of the elite company and white in the first company. As with the other line companies, the first company sport yellow within red pompoms.

28mm miniatures from Foundry with colours by GMB, mounted on Warbases

I hope everyone is enjoying their (Easter) long weekend...


  1. Lovely work, man - really like how those turned out!

    1. Thanks, Joel - must get back to some marines again soon though.

  2. These are excellent, nicely painted and attractive basing.
    It goes without saying that the flags a drop dead gorgeous.
    Best wishes,

    1. Cheers Jeremy - I've GMB to thank for the flags :-)

  3. Nice detail in the Pom poms