Friday, 13 November 2015

Big Brothers XI - 9th Cuirassiers

The penultimate batch of cuirassiers: lead two squadrons of 9e régiment de cuirassiers:

In 1812, 9e Cuirassiers held the following battle honours on their colours: Austerlitz, Jena, Eylau, Friedland, Eckmühl, and Wagram. However, this was lost at Vilnius on 5 December 1812 during the retreat from Moscow.

During the campaign they served under Michel Francois de Sistrières de Murat, for which he was made an officer of the Legion d'honneur before being promoted to brigadier on 2 September 1813.

So the next two squadrons and the brigade commander to come this month...


  1. Very nice job, they look dynamic and beautiful!

  2. Wonderful, the gaming table will buckle under the weight of the big men, big horses and tin armor ;)

  3. They look awesome, great job!

  4. very very nice, how did you do the banner?