Saturday, 6 June 2015

Russian Test Paint

Here's my first stab at pinning down paints for my next big project - a Russian Infantry Division c.1812. These figures will eventually form the Grenadier platoon of the 1st battalion of the Reval Regiment (i.e. they were predominantly ethnic Estonian and blond)

The matt black undercoat was sprayed on with any gaps picked up with the paint brush afterwards. Then they all received a generous dry brushing with Citadel Rhinox Hide. This helps my aging eyes pick out the detail, as well as provide a natural shade for most tones. Brass work was dealt with using Army Painter Weapon Bronze and Citadel Ironbreaker was used for the musket barrel, bayonet, and canteen.

All the metals received a wash of Citadel's Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil, and base colours were then applied: Foundry Russian Green Shade (69A) for the uniform, Citadel's Codex Grey for shako cords, sword knot, greatcoat, and webbing, XV-88 for the breeches, shoulder straps, and blond hair, Dark Flesh for skin, Skrag Brown on the musket furniture, and Army Painter Chaotic Red for the pompom, collar, turnbacks, and cuffs

After applying Foundry Russian Green (69B) to the jacket and waistcoat, the breeches and great coat enjoyed a coat of Citadel Baneblade Brown, and the pompom, sword knot company distinction, turnbacks, and facings Khorne Red. The mid skin tone was Cadian Fleshtone, to which a hint of red was added for the lips. Some white was added to the Codex Grey to provide a mid tone for the shako cords, webbing, and sword knot. Finally, the shoulder strap received a layer of Averand Sunset.

The original metal paints were used to highlight the canteen, barrel and brass work, and some black used to add some shade/definition to the shako, pack, cartridge case, and gaiters. The jacket and waistcoat were highlighted in Foundry Russian Green Light (69C). However, the breeches actually received several coats at this last stage, Karak stone (which was also applied to the great coat) and Ushbati Bone. I then added a little white to the Ushbati to do a final highlight. Pure white was used to highlight the shako cords, webbing, and sword knot. Army Painter Dragon Red was the highlight for the facings, sword knot company distinction, turnbacks, and pompom, and Citadel Yriel Yellow for the shoulder strap. The skin also enjoyed two layers, Citadel Ungor Flesh with Elf Flesh highlights. The hair was a mix of Averand Sunset XV-88 with white added for the final highlight.

I finished off my using the Rhinox Hide to provide a 'suggestion' of eyes over the flesh shade. That's it - any suggestions or criticisms will be gratefully received - better now than 60 odd figures into it!


  1. Spot on! I think you really nailed the creamy white of the breeches with the sandy undercoat. To me, the Russian infantry uniform of 1812 is one of the cornerstones of painting Napoleonics!

    1. Thanks, I'd have preferred them in summer dress

  2. Replies
    1. Many thanks - now to finish them off :-)