Tuesday, 26 May 2015

2016 - For Mother Russia!

As I reached the half way point on my 2015 project, thoughts naturally turned to next year. The Twins have not yet got to Württemberg, so I decided to focus on doing the mainstay of the opposition to Ney's Corps at the Battle of Valutina-Gora (more on which another day), Konovnitsyn's  3rd Division.

3rd Div – Generalmajor Pyotr Konovnitsyn

1st Brigade – Tuchkov III

·      Muromsk Infantry Regt
·      Revel Infantry Regt

2nd Brigade - Voeikov

·      Tchernigov Infantry Regt
·      Selenginsk Infantry Regt (having swapped with Kaporisk)

3rd Brigade – Prince Chakoffski

·      20th Jæger Regt
·      21st Jæger Regt

Grenadier Brigade

·      2 combined grenadier battalions; 1 company each from the four Line and two Jæger regiments in the Division

Artillery Brigade – Tornov

·      III Heavy Battery (three 12pdrs and a licorne)
·      V Light Battery (three 6 pdrs and a licorne)
·      VI Light Battery (three 6 pdrs and a licorne)

Cossack Brigade – Generalmajor Karpov

·      Guard Cossack Regiment (two units of twelve horsemen)

Each regiment will consist of two 32-figure battalions drawn from Wargames Foundry (see above) with staff, mounted troops, and artillery coming from the Perry Twins, and flags from GMB. There are also some extra skirmishing stands in the pile for the Jægers.

Steve Hall has agreed to paint some of the line companies, whilst I crack on with the command and elite companies. So there’s a good chance we can crack this one in a year – less the Guard Cossacks as they remain on the Perry wish list J


  1. wow, that is quite a project! 8 regiments mean 512 minis! not including command stands, the gun crew. And with the cossacks you wouldn't be far from the 600 miniatures mark!

    any reason why foundry metals? because Perry only does plastic infantry? I prefer metals to plastics myself...

    good luck with this project, keep us updated with your progress!

    1. The combined grenadier battalions are only three companies strong. So it's 'only' 432 minis + 32 extra skirmishers ;-)

      Yes, I went with Foundry as I also prefer metals and they mix fine with Perry of course. I just don't like their cavalry.

  2. This will be ace, look forward to them!

    1. I can't wait either, Paul. Still there's the small matter of some cuirassiers to crack first :-)

  3. I love the ambition here Stephen! When finished this will truly be an impressive collection, and in a size/format which makes me think that we should seriously plan that game in DK. I'll bring my Borodino collection, and we'll set up for a behemoth wargame! Keeping my fingers crossed that the Perrys will get to the Cossack Guards soon, bought some Front Rank as a possible back up...

    1. It's certainly going to fill my painting diary next year! How's your collection going?

    2. I'll be adding a few more Russian and French ally units after summer, plus I've bought a 4 canon one-cast gun emplacement in resin, that could work as the Grand Redoubt. That's also on the list, but first I'll be finishing my early ww1 german collection, and the 15mm Ostfront. But seriously, It would be fantastic to let our collections unite for a big game of Borodino - perhaps in 2016.

    3. Agreed, but my Russians wont be ready until late 2016.

  4. Lots and lots and lots of lovely lead. Can't wait to see it all painted and massed for action. I admire your constraint, having next year's metal mound in a drawer while you're only half way through this year's project...temptation would be too great for me to get sidetracked. All the best.

    1. Ah, well, I am allowing myself to do some 'test painting', but the cuirassiers come first!