Sunday, 24 August 2014

Back to 1812 and even further!

The first squadron of my next Chasseur á Cheval Regiment (4th). Again by Elite Miniatures:

And the first batch of ten civilians to live in my medieval village (Perry Miniatures):


  1. Beautiful unit Stephen, that mix of yellow, red and green is really effective on the elite troopers, and I like that you've kept the horses dark, to really make the riders stand out. How does Elite Minis compare to for instance Perry in size and quality?

    1. Elite are reminiscent of Hinchcliffe and Connoisseur. They are little larger than a Perry sculpt and the detail is more exaggerated. So they're a bit like playing with your dad's train set ;-) I'd say they'd mix at a distance, but not within the same unit. I'll probably switch to Perry for my Cuirassiers and hopefully they'll do some more 1812 stuff in due course.

  2. very nice, nice to also see detail of locals involved

  3. Great looking Chasseurs and Medieval characters!

  4. Greate work Stephen !

    Realy nice to see some historical minis on your blog to;)

  5. Great paint job, love the civilians!