Monday, 3 February 2014

Spring Offensive IV

The last of the Foot Guards took some time, but I expect they'll be the most intricate unform I'll face with the British force at least. So here are the right flank companies:

The 1st Foot Guards advancing in review order:

Lord North and Grey's battalion awaiting to march on:

Both battalions take to the field:


  1. Lovely units Stephen, especially the grenadier miters are impressive. One can almost hear the fife and drums as the red coats march forward under waving banners.

  2. Very nice work Stephen ! Love you work on the grenadiercaps, stunning !!!

    Greate with some pictures of the whole unit to.

    is it 50x50 bases?

    Best regards Michael

  3. These units are really awesome!

  4. Excellent work - truly representative of "Lace Wars"