Sunday, 12 January 2014

Spring Offensive

As so often happens, a new project has come from left of field. Towards the end of last year, I made the unusual (for me) commitment to a Kickstarter, in this case Ebor's Great Northern War Swedes to be sculpted by the ever fruitful Paul Hicks. However, they are not due to be in production until May, and the froth was strong.

However, over a decade ago, I made a few hesitant steps towards recreating the battle of Almanza 1707 using Age of Reason. It all came to nothing due to the crazy number of figures required to do both sides - not to mention the lack of an opponent. So the first batch of lead went into boxes where it has rested until now. A quick bit of organising and an order to Front Rank to fill missing gaps now sees me with enough to do two four battalion brigades of infantry with cavalry to follow (I can probably scrape together a mixed understrength Horse and Dragoon force at a push) based for Beneath Lily Banners.

So here is the first batch of six figures, the right hand companies of North and Grey's Foot that formed part of Rowe's Bde at Blenheim in 1704:


  1. Nice work, love the early uniforms - but can't start another period myself.

  2. Very nice work, sir.
    I have had the same idea (Almansa 1707), but using figures from Ebor and "Ga Pa" ruleset. I will follow your project with great interest.

  3. Greate work Stephen !

    Looks like Sweden and the GNW will have some focus during 2014 as both the Ebor and Warfare miniatures are making GNW Swedes and not to forgett the one by Musketeers miniatures:)

    Best regards Michael

  4. Very nice figures Stephen! Love your work. :)