Sunday, 4 August 2013

Back from Hols

Sorry for the long break, but here's some more Death Guard in way of apology ;-)

To add insult to injury, I actually finished the Deathshroud back in June, but just did not make time to put them up on here. They gained a few transfers this weekend and probably deserve another photo...

The Tactical Support Squad were about half way there. I just needed to finish off the weathering and make the Volkites glow! Still some barbed wire to go on the bases though.

Next up is the Praetor, ten Termies, a Contemptor Dreadnought and another Apothecary.


  1. Stunning work Stephen!

    Good to see you are back to the blog. Any Dux Britanniarum AAR in sigth?

    Best regards michael

    1. Unfortunately, we weren't too impressed by DuxBrit. Whilst the on-table action was okay, little thought seems to have been put into how you actually deploy onto the table, i.e. does a noble have to spend a point per unit or can they march on as a group? If so, they might also be able to move on in shieldwall, especially if they have rolled to enter within range of an enemy force. Also the difference between rolling 3 x ones and 3 x sixes for movement is extreme to say the least. We're playing SAGA at the moment and finding it much better thought through - hopefully they'll be warbands for the RomanoBrits and Saxon raiders shortly :-)

    2. Sorry to heare Sthepen. Your comments are absolutely true, we also had some issues with the rules, but we haven´t got us self bogged down in that as for us it dosent matter that much as long as we have a nice uncompetitive game going.

      SAGA are absolutely well thought through (as are Muskets & Tomahawks)but I had a hard time to get good campaightn games with SAGA as well as most often the both armys just laughtered each other as ther was a lack of over all warband morale, suppouse its easy to fix with some house rules...

      So then I will look forward to a SAGA AAR ;)

      Best regards Michael