Monday, 22 April 2013

Who let the dogs out etc. ;-)

As the next pack of Horus Heresy era marines for the Elva, Vlka Fenryka aka The Rout have reached the painting tray and, following requests from the cheap seats, here is the force to date. The only thing missing is the Fenrisian Wolves as the old goblin mounts are being replaced by nice new GW versions. Apologies to Nordic friends for what are clearly Nordic inspired rather than real titles ;-)

Lempogärd, Fenris Hunters

Ukkogärd, Fenris Hunters

Mielikkigärd, Fenris Hunters

Førgärd, Wolf Scouts

Etsiägärd, Wolf Scouts

Förloraderne, Wulfen

Surma Tuonelasta, Rune Priest

Äijö Pitkänen, Rune Priest

Even Halvfist, Contemptor Dreadnought

Jarl Durfast Spiritwolf, lord of the Elva

Ageir Skarpeklo, Wolf Guard of Fenris, vaerangi of Durfast Spiritwolf

 Vaerangir of the Elva


  1. Wonderful collection! A real powerhouse I gather!

  2. Cool. Makes me want to find my 13th Company stuff. What new Goblin wolves do you speak of?

    1. Sorry, it's the Fenrisian Wolves and I guess they are not so new now. Still I've mixed in some Hobbit Fell Wargs for variety.

    2. Oh yea. They're pretty cool. debated getting some as wolves for Goblins but decided I no longer wish to spend money on GW products when there are so many great historical ranges I want to buy from.

  3. Brilliant. You've painted them well.

  4. Very nice army !!!

    Greate painting !

    best regards Michael