Thursday, 18 October 2012

HYW - Lights, Camera, Action!

Unfortunately my camera skills were not up to the task yesterday. So only two images are even close to being worth posting  :'(

The two armies in all their (slightly out of focus) glory

Much needed medical help for the French after the Mounted Knights are dispersed after becoming entangled on stakes and their dismounted colleagues are whittled down and break before they can make it to the English front line.

Victory to Dr.The Viking  :D

Good run out for the draft HYW lists I'd done for CoE with stakes nerfing the Heavy Horse nicely, pavises providing great protection, and the dismounted Men-at-Arms taking a lot of shooting from two large expert archer units before breaking.

Forcing the English to redeploy and getting those pesky archers out from behind their stakes will make all the difference  ;)


  1. Very nice Stephen !

    but please give us more pictures ;)

    Best regards Michael

    1. Next time I'll take better piccies, they rest look like I've been on the Tyborg Grøn!

  2. Sounds like a good game Stephen! Are you going to give us a review of CoE, or did I miss that somewhere?

    1. I'm writing the Crusades supplement for the Great Escape team, so it might seem like an inside job if I write a review lol

      However, in short CoE is clearly from the WAB stable, but with some subtle differences. Major one is that leaders lead rather than act as the centre piece, e.g. they add bonuses to combat and help with morale rather than it being a skirmish game of one to five characters surrounded by troops acting as sandbags ;-)

      It's also pretty quite and bloody, no morale re-rolls for army standards and what not. So once a unit breaks, it's off and may take a few others with it. This makes it ideal for club play, I think, as a game lasts on average around 90 mins. So time for two games on some evenings :-)

      There's still the usual spread of special rules and rules for leaders to roll for traits, like reckless or cautious. So they don't always command as you might wish. For some periods I like heroic leaders and I still hope to play WAB2, as well as Hail Caesar if I can every paint enough figures!

      Hope that's okay for now.