Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Some bits and bobs

In between finishing off the Lancastrian HYW army, I'm working through some other bits and bobs from the 'pending shelf'.

This weekend it was some crossbowmen for my Third Crusade army in the colours of the Lusignans.

and a musician and man-at-arms for the Valois HYW army. Hopefully by squeezing these in between the English, I'll have the French finished off this year summer as well.

I also had a splurge of basing, undercoating and lining up the next several months worth of figures. Here's a glimpse of something for later. You never know James, I might even finish off the Sammies!

As another taster, the Umfraville foot are now done and I'll get some photos done later in the week.


  1. Great work.
    That pikeformation looks fearsome.

    1. Thanks, I'm planning on at least two to form the foundation of a medieval Scots army, perhaps three ;-)

  2. Very good work Stephen !!!

    I like the Scotish pike men, I suppouse David and Andrew will be pleased;)

    Very impressed by the foot command and the banner and heraldy !

    Best regards Michael

    1. Need to do some work on the lighting for my photos before the next session though.