Monday, 14 November 2011

Nearly Done

Still some tufts to add to the bases and gloss varnish for the armour:

Richard I

Richard's arms are based on his first royal seal showing the two lions of the duchies of Normandy and Poitou, which changed to the more familiar three lions (the third probably representing Aquitaine) towards the end of his reign and after his return form crusade.

Roger de Harcourt, household knight and companion to Richard I, and a royal serjeant

Roger wears the family heraldry (at this time heraldry was more a family than individual thing) and the serjeant carries a shield bearing a white cross (as agreed in Jan 1189 with King Philip II and the count of Flanders) superimposed with Richard's probable royal arms (see above).

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  1. Those look great love this period of the Crusades third is the best!