Monday, 31 March 2014

Spring Offensive VI

Fourth battalion finally complete (less colours) - Marlborough's (later 24th) Regiment of Foot:

Right flank:

Centre companies:

Left flank:

The first four battalions in all their glory:

Next up will be some more cavalry, but first some French Napoleonics (as well as Cold War Poles and WotR)…

Monday, 3 March 2014

Cold War Gone Hot c.1985

Yet another project? Well, yes and no.

Basically, I finally got around to putting some paint on some 20mm RH Models Polish Naval Infantry, I've had laying around for well over a year as my part in a fictional Warsaw Pact invasion of Denmark project!

The aim is to do a 1:1 scale platoon for Force on Force and then see about a 1:1 scale company group, which would also serve as a regiment in RapidFire2 terms. I'll do these as a break from… err... everything else :-)